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Music x ART-MAI

1st mini Album


You can't see the rainbow without rain

01. Fly away !!
02. Orion

2018.03.07 Release


I'm ART-MAI, a singer-songwriter.

"To you who work hard"

Lyrics and composition of original songs that are close to the modern lonely society. I'm sending a message through a song to you who want to cry but can't cry.

Focusing on medium ballads, I self-produce all the lyrics, composition, artwork, and jacket photos.

Please feel free to contact us for original song production.


2019.06 2nd single "MIRAI" released

2018.07 Chiba TV "Diamond ☆ Collection"

"Orion " adopted as the ending theme

2018.03 1st album "Orion" released

2017.12 First one-man live (full thanks)

Appeared in "Fresh live"

Second single



To you who work harder than anyone —
A message song for you who live single-mindedly


02. MIRAI (instrumental)

2019.06.20 Release

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Singles can also be purchased here.

Singles can also be purchased here.

Mini album



You can't see the rainbow without rain

To you who want to cry but can't cry.

01. Orion

02. Fly Away !!

2018.3 / 7 Release

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Soul singer / voice trainer

Congratulations on the release of Orion! The owner of a voice that has both kindness and sweetness! Two songs of a wonderful treat that the wonderful arrangement and her voice overlap! May her music reach as many people as possible along with the world view of the jacket that she shot and designed herself!


There was always music in my life

Music was always playing in my life.

The Beatles, Carpenters, Simon & Garfunkel ... I've been influenced by my mother who loves music since I was little at home and in the car, and I love singing from an early age! By the time he was one year old, he held a toy microphone and sang in public with English lyrics.

My dream is to become a singer.

It was a dream I wrote for my kindergarten graduation album, but I once had teachers around me say, "Mai should be a singer." Every time I went to junior high school and high school and sang in public, such as on a school trip bus or school festival, my desire to become a singer grew greatly.

Frustration and opposition from the surroundings

Although he auditioned for a big decision when he was in high school, he was rejected. It was a shock. People around me said, "It's not easy to be a singer." I was hurt, discouraged, and frightened, trapping my dream of becoming a singer in my heart, and spending my days asking, "I wonder if my dream will come true ...".

Then I went to college and got a job. Although I gave up on the singer, I was allowed to sing at club events, dance, DJ on Radio BayFm and FM Setagaya, listen to ... .. Then married and gave birth. I was happy and forgot that I wanted to become a singer in my life of "I am secondary".

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Chiba TV "Diamond ☆ Collection"

"Orion" was broadcast as the ending song.