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Porcelarts What is

Porcelain is a coined word that combines "Porcelain" and "Art".

It is a general term for porcelain painting that you can enjoy with free ideas.

You can freely paint porcelain using transfer paper, overpaints, and decoration techniques, so it is an art that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. By learning the basic techniques, you can express the original world infinitely by combining your favorite techniques.

Original Product

We make original brand "M's" and "L Style" products using a technique called "transfer paper" that allows you to create your own design by sticking it on pure white tableware like a sticker.


・ Official designer of Nihon Vogue Poseratsu

・ Used at Takashimaya

・ Produced original brand products "M's" and "L Style"

Available on Transfer Paper.com. Past consecutive resale of 5,000 copies.

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