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Photographer / singer / songwriter

/graphic designer

/ Porcelain Designer / Poet

A song that is close to the hearts of people who want to cry but can't cry

A world view that fuses photographs.
An artist who has many faces.

Nice to meet you.

Photographer singer-songwriter

This is ART-MAI.

I want to be close to your heart and live together.

Express your feelings as a spokesperson for someone who "wants to cry but can't cry" with songs, photos, and poems.

Started singing in public from the age of 2 and has been a singer for over 30 years! Released a mini album "Orion" in 2017, and held a one-man live in Tokyo. The photo taken by myself is used for the CD jacket.

At the same time, I put poems and words on the photos and sent them on Instagram, and when there were many, I received more than 500 likes in a day. As an Instagrammer, he has a career as a photographer in a tie-up project between "Marunouchi Paper" and the magazine "Domani".

In addition, as a "porcelain transfer paper designer", we announced an original design transfer paper for tableware, and we are selling it as a designer transfer paper brand "M's" and "LStyle" from Nippon Vogue.

I would like to tell you why I decided to work in various fields such as singing and photography, poetry, and porcelain, and why I decided to convey my thoughts.


There was always music in my life

Music was always playing in my life. The Beatles, Carpenters, Simon & Garfunkel ... I've been influenced by my mother who loves music since I was little at home and in the car, and I've loved singing since I was little! By the time he was one year old, he held a toy microphone and sang in public with English lyrics. My dream is to become a singer. It was a dream I wrote for my kindergarten graduation album, but I once had teachers around me say, "Mai should be a singer." Every time I went to junior high school and high school and sang in public, such as on a school trip bus or school festival, my desire to become a singer grew greatly.

Frustration and opposition from the surroundings

Although he auditioned for a big decision when he was in high school, he was rejected. It was a shock. People around me said, "It's not easy to be a singer." I was hurt, discouraged, and frightened, trapping my dream of becoming a singer in my heart, and spending my days asking, "I wonder if my dream will come true ...".

Then I went to college and got a job. Although I gave up on the singer, I was allowed to sing at club events, dance, DJ on Radio BayFm and FM Setagaya, listen to ... .. Then married and gave birth. I was happy and forgot that I wanted to become a singer in my life of "I am secondary".

If I die tomorrow

The Great East Japan Earthquake struck on March 11, 2011. Then, the obituaries of familiar people such as junior high school classmates and younger brother's friends arrived as if to catch up. Many people have lost their lives in the disaster and are suffering from harsh conditions ... And now I don't have any friends who were talking with a smile until the other day ... The reality is that "life ends in an instant". Faced with these events, I was almost crazy.

at the same time

"What was I born for?"

"If I die tomorrow, can I not regret it?"

I was trapped in my chest until now

"I want to sing! I want to deliver a message! I want to share the excitement with someone!"

I couldn't stand even if I was overwhelmed with that feeling, so I started again with the aim of becoming a singer.

However, the reaction around me was chilly.

"I have children, so I should concentrate on my motherhood."
"Isn't a singer stupid at this age?"

Voice. For the first time in my life, I thought from the bottom of my heart that I was "sick." But that's why I've been doing my best to this day.

At the same time as aiming to be a singer, I was also looking for "expressing myself." When I put poems and words on the photos and started posting on Instagram, many people commented that they would "brighten their hearts" and "heal". I have received a lot of power from everyone.

It was also around this time that a friend who liked photography and poetry asked me to become a transfer paper designer for porcelain (art of making patterns on white porcelain with transfer paper). I was simply happy that someone recognized my view of the world, and this made me feel confident that I could express myself in any field.

Expressing and transmitting the moments that moved my heart ... As I continued these days, I became friends with the music industry. I have gradually become able to work on singing, and have gained experience such as being in charge of the backing chorus for concerts at the Tokyo International Forum. In 2017, he released a mini-album that he had longed for as a singer-songwriter, saying "I want to sing my own song", and I was able to hold a one-man live. It was a moment when my childhood dream came true!

A friend who knew my old dream

"Your dream has come true, your dream has come true! Congratulations!"

Was pleased. Also, from those who listened to the CD

"I always listen to my kids when they pick up and drop off their soccer practice, and they always listen to it before the practice and the game, and they are energized!"

"For some reason, when I listen to it, I cry ..."

"It's a wonderful song like the one used for the ending of a drama."

I received various impressions. For me, each of these voices is really nice and a source of power.

Express your thoughts. And we live close to someone's life and live together.

Empathizing and sharing joy is my happiness, my job, and my life itself.

It's the same for songs, photos, poetry and porcelain.

Express the moment when your heart moves and resonate with someone.

We will continue to disseminate the world view of Art-Mai so that we can share time with you who met in this wide world. While thanking "a life that resonates with each other".


Singer Songu, photographer, porcelain artist, porcelain transfer paper designer, creator, WEB designer, poet.

I love travel, fashion, nails, buildings, spaces, and cars.

Mother of the second son.


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