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Don't worry about posting to Instagram anymore!

I wanted to have a "shooting lesson in the salon" , so it was most helpful for me to actually come to the salon and give me advice on the shooting mode and composition that suits the lighting conditions and concept of the salon. I didn't understand even if I read the camera book.

Since then, the number of customers who have come to the salon for the first time after seeing Instagram has increased! More and more repeat customers can convey positive words and excitement, saying, "Even if you tend to skip care, if you can see the changes at a glance, you will maintain your motivation to do your best in the fun!" I am grateful that I was really grateful for your request.

I'm happy that I can do it smoothly without worrying about the shooting angle, and I can make effective use of that amount of time.

Nail Salon fú fú Suppin Nail

It is really recommended for those who are not good at cameras.

Nail salon management Mr. S

① With a smartphone ② Easy ③ Beautiful

I am very satisfied with these three beats.

Thank you very much for facing this opinion until you are satisfied. It's a lesson that you can easily practice on your smartphone, so it's really recommended for those who are not good at cameras.

Thank you, ART-MAI.

I was fascinated by her view of the world.

Corsage artist Hiro Naruse

I took my profile picture 4 years ago ...

I couldn't easily meet someone who thought "I want you to take a picture", so I left it as it was.

At that time, when I saw ART-MAI in a video and thought, "I want to ask her to shoot!", I happened to know that a photo session would be held, so I applied immediately.

It was really good to ask her!

I was fascinated by her world view!

The lecture at Shinjuku Isetan "OTOMANA", which I participated in for the first time as a lecturer, was also featured in the TOP of the booklet.

Thanks to this profile picture.
Thank you very much, ART-MAI.

Hiro Naruse

Corporate customers

Not to mention event business trip photography and store / product photography

It can also be used for photography courses on smartphones for SNS staff.

Welfare events for internal and external use, online courses, business trip courses, etc.

Please feel free to contact us as we can consult with you.

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