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The moment when your heart moves

Do you have a favorite photo?

When, where, and with whom did you take the picture?

A favorite moment forever.

Make the moment when your heart moves into your own story-


Denim, nails and sneakers.

A lovely daily life surrounded by your favorite things

A special art when viewed through the viewfinder.

Make your dear daily life exciting


Mai's belief

You are active as a singer-songwriter, photographer, porcelain transfer paper designer, and poet.


Okay. Becoming a singer has been a dream since I was little. Currently, I am doing various jobs, but all of them started with "the relationship with the people I met".

I want to share my thoughts with everyone, share my joy, and make someone's life as bright and enjoyable as possible . So, without drawing a line by genre, it seems like this happened naturally.

Your childhood dream of becoming a singer has come true. How did you spend your childhood?

"Songs and music" have always been a part of my life, but likewise "photographs" have been a part of my life.

My dad loved photography, so I had a lot of SLR cameras at home. Whenever I went on a trip, he took a family photo. Someday I was a snapshot, but I started taking it naturally. My mother taught me how to compose.


When did you start taking pictures consciously?


Is it from the time I became a high school student? I used to put a camera in my bag and often shoot friends and landscapes.

Also, at that time, I was very interested in design in general, including photography. While aiming to be a "singer", I was similarly attracted to the photography and design of records and CD jackets. "How can I take such a beautiful picture? It would be nice if I could express the world view of the song with pictures and design."


What made you start shooting as a cameraman?

It was triggered by Instagram, which I started after being recommended by a friend. I was shooting the moment when my heart moved in my life, but the people who saw it gradually started to talk about photography.

I was surprised at first, but I was really impressed that there are so many people who share the same feelings.



What are you most conscious of when shooting?


There is a lot of brilliance in everyday life. I want to cherish the sparkle in my beloved everyday life. And I want to rejoice, share, and share the miracles I met .. That's why I released the shutter. This moment will never come again.

A casual, natural life is destroyed in an instant ... I was reminded of this by parting with a friend and the Great East Japan Earthquake.

I would like to continue to thank you for the encounter and send out works that are close to someone's heart.




Photo × ART-MAI

A world view that fuses songs and photographs that are close to the hearts of people who want to cry but cannot cry. An artist who has many faces. He started taking snapshots when he was a kid and became a hot topic as an Instagrammer from around 2013. Instagram

Worked on the artwork for the mini-album, which he wrote and composed himself, and the self-produced jacket photo. Send a message with songs and photos that are close to the modern lonely society that you want to cry but can't cry.

The number of fans will increase in many fields, such as commercials featuring Nogizaka46, image photos of corporate websites, and requests from popular Instagrammers with more than 100,000 followers. Has a reputation for design sense and ability to compose expressions. In addition, photo books, photo boards, wall-mounted photo works, and postcards are also on sale at BASE on the EC site.


Nogizaka46 CM "Mouse Computer"

Style book "mariko_0808 FASHION STYLE BOOK" Takarajimasha

STARTUP HUB TOKYO (TOKYO founding station) Japan Mama Entrepreneur University presents

Mama entrepreneur presentation [mirai] shooting

Hotel New Otani Tokyo Kimono Girl Shooting

Snapseed 11.jpg

Marunouchi Paper Marunouchi x Domani Autumn Style Instagrammer Planning Tie-up

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About shooting request

"I want to turn ordinary everyday life into a sensation and cut it out." With that in mind, I release the shutter.

While talking in a friend-like atmosphere
While checking the image of the photo ...

You can take profile, HP photo shoot, landscape, corporate product photo shoot.

We are no longer recruiting monitors for the following content such as shooting (until the end of June).

We usually accept shooting requests, so feel free to contact us first.

Please contact us from " Contact" below. The secretariat will reply to you.

■ Business trip area
Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama (Please contact us for other areas)

■ Fee
Usually 60 minutes 40,000 yen (excluding tax)

(5 cuts of photo material with corrected data, including processing, 5 cuts of uncorrected processed data of shooting data) + Transportation expenses

Monitor price until the end of June (limited to 1 person each month)
60 minutes 25,000 yen (excluding tax)

(Including data correction and processing) + Transportation expenses

Thank you for your support.

■ Monitor I am not applying now, but I am planning to recruit suddenly.
■ Other
We will post some of the photographs taken and your impressions of the photographs on our website.

We also accept monthly and annual contracts

Media request appearance / demo singer recording

Booking live / LIVE business trip request

Event request / CD jacket photography photo material

・ Corporate performance ・ Instagram photo lesson ・ Shooting request Free paper production photo

Entrepreneurship homepage photo production service
For fashion design planning and other inquiries , please click here or fill out the form below.

* For inquiries, please contact us within a few days.

From the secretariat staff

We will contact you.

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