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in Paris

11th Discover The One
Japanese Art 2022

Find the best one!

2022.06.11 --06.18

Espace Cinko

12-18 Passage Choiseul 75002 Paris,

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The first exhibition was held in London in 2016, and has been held 10 times since then in New York, Paris, Abu Dhabi and other places that can be called the most important places of art.

The 11th edition will be held in Paris, and ART-MAI's works will be exhibited there!

Paris, the city of art, has continued to influence the world as a source of various movements in all ages, including art, music, and fashion. It is no exaggeration to say that Paris is a sacred place for those who aspire to be artists. ART-MAI's work will finally make its world debut in this longing place.


Espace Cinko

​ It is also known as the gallery used by film director Alain Resnais to shoot the award-winning film "Wild Grass" at the Cannes Film Festival. The gallery is conveniently located within walking distance of historic buildings such as the Louvre Museum and the Opera House, and is located in the city where high-profile events are held.

Espace Cinko

It is one of the oldest arcades in Paris and has a lot of traffic. It is said that Kenzo Takada (KENZO), a world-famous fashion designer, has been actively interacting with Japanese people for a long time and became an opportunity to expand into France.


message from ART-MAI

​ Thoughts on global expansion

When I was asked to do this solo show in Paris, I was truly delighted. As a photographer, before I’ve even had a solo show in Japan, I’ve achieved my dream of having one overseas! I’ve always wanted to play a part in connecting Japan with the world, and now that wish has come true. 


I aim to make art that people can appreciate visually and aurally, by viewing my photos and listening to my songs. I want to appeal to the different senses. It’s with this mind that I created the work now on display. The idea is to express myself in a unique way.


Today, when the pandemic and conflict are part of our reality, photography, music, and words bring us closer together in spirit. Even if I can’t communicate through language, I want to create an intimate connection with others through feelings. I seek to express myself, so that I can touch someone’s heart. I hope that my artistic expression, my music, my songs, which are deeply personal to me, will touch you.


Love and peace always,



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ART exhibited

An original song is being released for free to commemorate the exhibition in Paris!


​ The latest information is
It is also distributed on SNS



​ Please feel free to contact us from LINE if you have any questions about your work or if you have a reservation for shooting.

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