▪︎ Achievements

[Song: music]

・ Miho Fukuhara Choir Billbord

International Forum, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, etc.

・ Chiba TV "Diamond ☆ Collection"

Ending theme "Orion"

・ Freshlive guest artist

"Orion" "Spitz Kaede"

・ December 2017 First one-man live sold out!

・ Japan Mama Entrepreneur University presents

Mama entrepreneur presentation [mirai]

Theme song production "MIRAI"

・ The 5th Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon

Theme song "MIRAI"

Published in Kahoku Shimpo

・ FM Higashi Kurume Radio appearance

・ FM Higashi Kurume Radio 2nd appearance


[Photo: photo & art]


・ Nogizaka46CM "Mouse Computer"


・ Takarajimasha Style Book


・ Marunouchi Paper Marunouchi x Domani Autumn Style
Instagrammer planning tie-up


(TOKYO Founding Station)
Japan Mama Entrepreneur University presents

Mama entrepreneur presentation [mirai] shooting

・ Hotel New Otani Tokyo Event “Travel MaMaFESTA” x Kimono Girl Shooting

・ Portrait shooting

Keita The Newest (Musician)

Momoko Yamada (actress)

Hiro Naruse (Fashion Curator)
Published in "OTOMANA" at Isetan Shinjuku

・ Jewelry Salon Futakotamagawa Liberalis

Take a photo with your smartphone in just 10 minutes and your photo will change! Lecture holding

・ Nail Salon fúfú Suppin Nail (Ginza)
Business trip photography lesson for SNS photography

・ Omega Satoko Shogakukan "The Strongest Pregnancy!"

Publication party event shooting

・ Major WEDDING company WEDDING shooting

・ Owarai Combi Bukuro Whirlwind (Sony Music Artist) Independent LIVE Flyer SNS account photo shoot

[Porcelarts transfer paper: porcelarts & design]


・ Original design porcelain transfer paper

Produced by NIHON VOGUE [Transfer] Site

On sale at.

Original brand

 [# LStyle] [# M's]

Past continuous resale of 5,000 copies.

For Takashimaya and famous artists

It is used and its design power is highly evaluated.

Transfer paper design and miscellaneous goods and tableware of companies and cafes

We also accept requests for original designs.


Featured in the media

■ Radio navigator and radio program start

    FM Higashi Kurume


October 2, 2020

■ Music video posted
"Great East Japan Earthquake Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon Theme Song Mirai"
Ale for Tokyo art! Tokyo Project Secretariat
June 26, 2020

■ Radio appearance
FM Higashi Kurume "Miho Suzuki's only dog! 』\
April 9, 2020

■ Online media publication
"Mama artist standing on stage in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake"
@Nifty business
December 26, 2019

■ Online media publication
"Mama artist standing on stage in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake"
December 26, 2019

■ Online media publication
"Mama artist standing on stage in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake"
Atpress powered by LINE NEWS
December 26, 2019

■ Newspaper publication
"ART-MAI who sings the theme song that I want to deliver love and energy"
Kahoku Shimpo
June 24, 2019

■ Adopted for theme song "MIRAI"
Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon
June 23, 2019

■ Adopted for theme song "MIRAI"
Event mom entrepreneur presentation "mirai"
Japan Mama Entrepreneur University / (one company) Japan Women Entrepreneur Support Association
March 8, 2019

■ Music video adoption "Orion"
Chiba Television Broadcasting "Diamond ☆ Collection" ending
July 30, 2018

Porcelain Transfer Paper Designer

・ Style book "mariko_0808 FASHION STYLE BOOK" Takarajimasha

Snapseed 11.jpg

・ Marunouchi Paper Marunouchi x Domani Autumn Style Instagrammer Planning Tie-up




・ Singer-songwriter ART-MAI

Jacket photo ・ PV produced



Nail Salon fú fú Suppin Nail

Photographs for SNS Impressions of business trip photography lessons

Don't worry about posting to Instagram anymore!

With the advice of the composition, I was able to proceed smoothly without worrying about the angle when shooting.

I came to think about the overall balance when uploading Instagram, not as one by one. In addition, Instagram plays a role of being a reference work that can be understood at a glance by "people who are coming to the salon for the first time" and a hope that "I may change too ...".

From the customer

"Because you can see the changes at a glance, you can maintain your motivation to look forward to the changes and do your best even if you are stagnant by yourself!"

"Of course, the finish of the treatment is of course, but when I saw the photo, I fell in love with my hand again."

I was happy to be impressed! This time, I wanted to take a shooting lesson in the salon work, so it was most helpful for me to actually come to the salon and give me advice on the condition of the light in the salon, the shooting mode that suits the salon concept, and the composition. I didn't understand even if I read the camera book.


① With a smartphone ② Easy ③ Beautiful

I am very happy to have these three beats aligned.

Finally ... Thank you very much for facing this opinion until you are satisfied. It's a lesson that you can easily practice on your smartphone, so it's really recommended for those who are not good at cameras.

Thank you, ART-MAI.


Nail salon fúfú makeup nail Instagram is here>

Hiro Naruse

Fashion curator

Corsage artist

Impressions of profile photo shoot

I was fascinated by her view of the world!

Hiro Naruse OTOMANA
Hiro Naruse

I took my profile picture 4 years ago ...

Even though I had a new job, I couldn't meet anyone who thought "I want you to take a picture", so I left it as it was.

At that time, I saw ART-MAI in a video. When I was thinking, "I want to ask her to shoot!", I happened to know that a photo session would be held and applied immediately.

It was really good to ask her!

I was fascinated by her world view!

This time, I held a lecture at "OTOMANA" in Isetan, Shinjuku, and while I participated for the first time, I took it up very much in the TOP of the booklet. Thanks to this profile picture.


I'm really thankful to you.

Hiro Naruse's homepage Spice

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Booking live / LIVE business trip request

Event request / CD jacket photography photo material

・ Corporate performance ・ Instagram photo lesson ・ Shooting request Free paper production photo

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