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Poet x ART-MAI

What is your favorite song?

What is your favorite poem?

Stick in your heart

Do you have any words that you can't leave?

What is your favorite photo?

With a world view that fuses poetry and photography
I want to be close to the hearts of people who want to cry but can't cry.

If only one person does not reach

Because it doesn't reach everyone.

I always think of this word.

[People do not happen by chance, encounters are inevitable. Everything that happens is meaningful]

We value the relationship with the people we meet.

I cherish my heart.

Put a poem on the photo

I want to deliver it to only one of you.


As a singer-songwriter

Released mini album "Orion"

Photo + poetry on the EC site

Preparing an original postcard


Start of various beginnings

A woman who hangs laundry on the balcony

He rushes to life on a bicycle

Child laughter

Put on the headphones,

Favorite music

Runner running lightly

A man with a bag heading to the station

An old man taking a leisurely walk with Corgi

Bus driver running around the city

He smokes on the balcony

Stop by at a convenience store to buy coffee

Red, blue and yellow without stopping the traffic light

Each morning

That there is a life there

That there is today.

The balcony and the laundry in the house let the wind blow

When I see it

My heart is relieved.

That everyone is alive

That each morning is born.

written by ART-MAI


I want to see

want to go


cobalt blue



I have to do it


do not want to

Crowded train during rush hour to return to Tokyo





One person sits over the counter

Sad profile



Hope that is about to be lost

Los Angeles midnight downtown



Everyone is upset

If you can keep asking

NY dawn Manhattan



Burning sun

The wind that sways the sea and sails

Men and women of all ages dancing cheerfully all night

Spain Majorca where the setting sun sets

All puzzle pieces

Emotions that tick every moment

Plus or minus

All puzzle pieces

Turns into some cells in the body

If it's not even one piece

Never be you

Never to you

Inside a large transparent Boston bag

Feeling overwhelmed puzzle pieces

The more pieces

Win or lose more like a life game

Someday Peace makes a dream come true

Inhabits only Costa Rica

Blue and yellow wild birds that are too colorful are drawn

It becomes a photograph in the deep green jungle

The girl who shines with big black eyes

Take it and go on a journey to complete the puzzle

Board an airplane that takes off to the world

Motivation and intertwining

Runway named life

On time

You got your dream passport

I can see

Everyone to each airfield

When and after landing

Holding hands with everyone in the world

written by ART-MAI

Fleeting love

In the boiling heat

The moment when the shoulders pass each other

As if the sweat and the heat haze had stopped

Residual scent of sabon.

Flying from black hair to the wind

Incense burns on the back of my mind

Your back with black hair

It disappeared dashingly in the crowd.

At that time,

At that place

The concept of shame,

In the midsummer sun,

I wish I could wipe it with sweat.

23 summers.

Every day since that day

I never forgot

The 82nd summer that has come around this year as well.

Rather, I can't meet every day

Remembering you with shiny black hair

In that place looking for the scent of Sabon

Boiled summer to visit.

“The goddess of luck has no back hair.”

I have lived with the word.

Please young

Don't regret

Don't regret even a second

As long as you have your own life

A young man who thinks he will have a life in a second

Remaining regrets and first alive

Such an old man's idiot.

written by ART-MAI

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