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2019.06.20 Release

Second single



To you who work harder than anyone —
A message song for you who live single-mindedly.

The 5th Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon Theme Song Japan Mama Entrepreneur University "Mama Entrepreneur Presentation mirai" Theme Song


02. MIRAI (instrumental)

2019.06.20 Release

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Mini album



~ You can't see the rainbow without rain ~

A mini-album containing the original songs "Orion" and "Fly Away !!" that are close to the modern lonely society that you want to cry but can't cry.

2018.3 / 7 Release

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"Orion" was broadcast as the ending song of the Chiba TV program "Diamond Collection".

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Singer-songwriter x ART-MAI

He wrote and composed the lyrics himself, worked on the artwork and self-produced jacket photos, and appeared on TV. With a focus on medium ballad songs, I send a message with songs and photos that are close to the modern lonely society that I want to cry but can't cry.

Introduced in popular programs such as "Chiba TV'Diamond Collection'Ending Insert Song" and "Fresh Live Guest Artist", it has become a hot topic. The first one-man live in 2017 was sold out with the support member Hideaki Iwanaka, a drummer of brainchild's consisting of THE YELLOW MONKEY guitar Hideaki Kikuchi. The following year, 2018 original song "Orion" was released. Distributed on Amazon, iTunes and many others, and distributed nationwide on Tower Records, HMV, Shinseido, etc. In addition to his solo name, he also stands on stages such as international forums as a gospel choir (choir).


Miho Fukuhara Choir Billbord, International Forum, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, etc.

Chiba TV "Diamond ☆ Collection" ending theme "Orion"

Freshlive guest artists "Orion" "Spitz Kaede"

December 2017 First one-man live sold out!

Japan Mama Entrepreneur University presents

Mama entrepreneur presentation [mirai]

Theme song production "MIRAI"

The 5th Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Marathon

Theme song "MIRAI" published in Kahoku Shimpo

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"MAI's vocals are
like futuristic sounds "


I have received various messages for the original song released on March 7, 2018, so I would like to introduce it.


Christopher S. Levens

Singer / vocal lesson instructor / arranger / lyricist

“Mai Congratulations on a hard job done. You should be so proud of yourself for this accomplishment. I'm proud of you! Keep up the work, keep pushing on to be even greater and higher!”

Christopher Levens Career

Born into a music family, he started singing when he was four years old. Entered the Shenandoah University Conservatory in Virginia, where she used her voice to specialize in various singing techniques. After working as a Broadway singer, he currently lives in Tokyo and participates in private vocal lessons, music workshops, intensive course instructors, and live performances such as musicals and weddings.

In the movie "Sing", he also teaches Masami Nagasawa and Tsukasa Saito, a trendy angel.

(Source: From Chris's HP "Bodyn Voice" )


Marquis Murphy

Vocal / Choir Lecturer / Music Lecturer

"First of all! Congratulations on your nationwide album release and record label. I would live to listen to your music !! Thank you so much for the honor of including me in your promotions.

I'll be waiting for the audio! ”

Marquis Murphy Career

From 2013 to the present, he has been a vocal instructor, choir instructor, and music instructor at schools and churches.

He is also active as a freelance solo performance and professional back singer in classical, gospel, R & B, and Hip-Hop.


Atsushi Kagami

Guitarist, vocalist, composer

Mai-chan's song is good! I think we have to think more about how we will deliver it to you. And I feel a big meaning to meet a person like Mai. In a nutshell, "I've never seen a person like this" (laughs). That's a good meaning!

I think Mai will be a great musician if she realizes this balance between intense musical emotions and musical reason. I'm looking forward to it.


After studying at Berklee College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London, he studied Brazilian music at the Brazilian National Marcello Conservatory and performed on television and radio in Brazil.

After returning to Japan, he released four albums of his own group "Shakara" and a solo album "Jun". Appeared on many TV and radio programs and was involved in commercial production. He has also demonstrated his skills as a producer and has participated in CDs such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tetsuya Komuro.



Soul singer / voice trainer

Congratulations on the release of Orion! The owner of a voice that has both kindness and sweetness! Two songs of a wonderful treat that the wonderful arrangement and her voice overlap! May her music reach as many people as possible along with the world view of the jacket that she shot and designed herself!


Started classical piano at the age of 4, and has been interested in black music since he was in elementary school. Graduated from Osaka College of Music Junior College Jazz Popular Vocal Course. Started professional activities while still in school.

After graduating, he will work hard to accumulate grooves as a soul singer while participating in bands such as funk bands, gospel bands, and a cappella groups at the same time.

Also, as a gospel choir director who is closely related to black music, he teaches vocals for many choirs and singers. He has also worked hard as a voice trainer and has produced multiple contest winners.

Participation in live and recording of artists as a backing chorus. The main artists are Anna Tsuchiya, Rickie-G, JAY'ED, Kaori Kobayashi, Chikamaro, Go Tanizawa, Rei Sakamoto, etc.

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