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I'm ART-MAI, an artist.


"To you who work hard"

Sometimes a straight ale, sometimes ale while expressing the voice of your heart that you can't cry even though you want to cry.

Photographs, voices, poems, works ... I express myself to deliver ale so that I can resonate with you as you work toward your dreams in the best possible way.


Favorite things:

Travel, fashion, nails, buildings, cars

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As a photographer ...

We accept various types of photography such as product photography, image photography for homepages, photography for posting on Instagram, and on-site photography.

As a singer-songwriter ...

We produce image songs for companies, local governments, and events, as well as sound logos and jingles.


Please feel free to contact us.

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In a life that resonates with each other.

March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

I received obituaries from people close to me, such as my classmates and family friends.

I lost a friend I was talking to with a smile until the other day,

"If I die tomorrow, can I not regret it?" When I asked my heart

"I want to share the excitement with someone!"

That was the reason why I became an artist.


More than I expected, more people gave warm comments to Instagram, which I started in the search for "expressing myself," "to brighten my heart" and "to be healed," and your voice is the source of my power. By expressing the moment when my heart moved, I came to want to express while "resonating" by sending ale to people who are doing their best in the same way.


What made you decide to express yourself in various fields?

Actually, my first goal was to be a "singer." I've loved singing since I was little because of my mother who loves music. By the time he was one, he grabbed a toy mic and performed songs from The Beatles and Carpenters, and wrote on his kindergarten graduation album, "My dream for the future is to be a singer." Music was always playing in my life.


Become a high school student, or auditioned, or write a poem, When I first started its activities with the aim of singer, I wonder take is so beautiful photo When suddenly looking at the CD jacket Tsu bets taken in hand "What happened. It would be nice if I could express the world view of the song with photographs. ”I was moved by the fact that I became interested in photography in earnest.

Then, I always put a camera in my bag to take pictures of my daily life and scenery with my friends.

What made you start shooting as a cameraman?

It all started with Instagram, which my friends started recommending .

After graduating from university, I got a job, got married, and gave birth. While living desperately to save my precious life, my dream fell asleep in my heart.

In 2011, I decided to face my dream again and aim to be an artist, saying "I want to share the excitement with someone!" When I took a picture of the moment when my heart moved in my daily life and posted it, the comments of sympathy gradually increased, and from there I started talking about shooting as a cameraman.

The comments I received at the beginning, the excitement when I made the request, and the excitement that made me strongly realize the first step toward my dream are still the driving force.


What are you most conscious of when shooting?

Cherish the momentary sparkle.

A little happiness and casual sparkle in a busy day. I was reminded by a natural disaster and parting with a friend that my life, which seems to be a matter of course, would be destroyed in an instant.

I want to rejoice, share, and share the miracles I have met by leaving a moment that I will never visit again. With that in mind, I'm releasing the shutter.

I would like to continue to express my gratitude for the encounter and express works that are close to someone's heart.


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