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If you have any chance to start porcelain, please click here. Shorten.

​ Achievements

・ Japan Vogue Porcelain Official Designer​

・ Original brand products "M's" and "L Style"

Used at Takashimaya.

Currently on sale at Transfer .

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about porcelarts

Porcelarts What is

Porcelain is a coined word that combines "Porcelain" and "Art".

It is a general term for porcelain painting that you can enjoy with free ideas.

You can freely paint porcelain using transfer paper, overpaints, and decoration techniques, so it is an art that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. By learning the basic techniques, you can express the original world infinitely by combining your favorite techniques.

Main materials / tools and how to make

There are various methods, but we recommend using "transfer paper" so that anyone can easily enjoy porcelain.


Pure white porcelain tableware ( white porcelain)

Tableware made of clay and porcelain, mainly made by crushing stones into small pieces.


Electric furnace for exclusive use of porcelain

It is also possible to ask the hands-on classroom that undertakes firing.


Transfer paper

​ Combine various types to create your own original.

How to make


Wipe off white porcelain stains

Use a cloth to wipe the surface of the white porcelain. If any dirt remains, the finish will be poor, so wipe it off thoroughly.


​ Design

After deciding the pattern, cut it out, soak it in water, and remove the sticker from the mount. Once the seal is attached to the porcelain, you are ready to go.



Put it in an electric furnace and bake it at 800 ℃, and you're done! For the first time, it is recommended to ask for firing in the hands-on classroom.

original product

Original Product

We make original brand "M's" and "L Style" products using a technique called "transfer paper" that allows you to create your own design by sticking it on pure white tableware like a sticker.

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