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Porcelarts transfer paper design



Porcelain artist ART-MAI

"Poseratsu transfer paper" is a paper (transfer paper) that is attached to white tableware like a sticker to make a container with an original design of "only for yourself".

The vessel is an important object that colors your life. For me, songs, photographs, poetry, vessels ... are still one of the tools to express myself.

We also accept requests for transfer paper design and original design of miscellaneous goods and tableware for companies and cafes.


Designer of porcelain transfer paper.

[#LStyle] [#M's] As a brand

Producing original designer transfer paper

Now on sale at Nihon Vogue [Transfer] site.

Past continuous resale of 5,000 copies. It is also used by Takashimaya and famous artists, and its design power is highly evaluated.

Media request appearance / demo singer recording

Booking live / LIVE business trip request

Event request / CD jacket photography photo material

・ Corporate performance ・ Instagram photo lesson ・ Shooting request Free paper production photo

Entrepreneurship homepage photo production service
For fashion design planning and other inquiries , please click here or fill out the form below.

* For inquiries, please contact us within a few days.

From the secretariat staff

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