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It looks scary! ??

Since I was in elementary school, my first impression was bad, and for those who meet for the first time, it's hard to approach, scary, and cheeky.

Even in junior high school, I was harassed by my seniors and it was a complex.

But if you talk a little, it's completely different! !! !! Every day I was told that I couldn't talk to him even though I really wanted to talk to him.

The gap seems to be amazing. I'm really myself. .. .. It's very easy to misunderstand.

But I'm not scared! First of all, I want to say.

It is a daily occurrence to fail. I am such a person, but I have a strong commitment and my own feelings.

From about 2 years old (when I don't remember myself yet) when I was a child

He said he was squeezing a toy microphone and singing at a gathering of relatives.

Since then, my mother has loved music and my father has a record player, and I used that needle as a record.

From a young age, the Beatles, Carpenters, Simon & Garfunkel, with a crackling sound,

I listened to music from Japanese songs, classical and genre.

Even in music classes, music teachers told me to sing in front of everyone from the first grade of elementary school.

Sing while nervous, and become a singer from a junior high school teacher. You said

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Favorite things, music, fashion, design, photography. Achievements with and are doing that activity.

3.11 and the death of a familiar person.

I thought about how to live. There is a big event.

With that feeling, I want to live without regrets in my life.

What do I want to do if I die tomorrow! When you think

I don't want to die without playing music and on stage.

I want to save the feelings of children and various people who have been affected by the earthquake! When

Such activities.

There were times when my mental health became weaker

Inspiring shop, crying, inspiring from long ago. hug. Kyra

profile. HP.


Divided into several stages.

I think everything is sensibility.

Originally, it was very sensitive, and it was possible for ordinary people to shed lightly, and sometimes it was taken seriously.

That is why I want to convey that feeling. I want to express it.

It doesn't look scary.

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