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Don't touch your face !!

Don't touch your face! --Don't touch your face !!-

Virus infection spread prevention enlightenment song

feat. ART-MAI

To prevent infection, touch your face

It is very important to be aware.

I made it so as not to forget it,

Remote work collaboration between Tomita Produce and ART-MAI

The original song I made! !!

Let's use this sound source to prevent the spread of virus infection together!

Please use it for videos and remixes!

The biggest contribution we can make is to "not get infected".

Don't touch your face!

My mother has been in and out of the hospital since the New Year, and I had surgery last week, and I'm checking for cancer cells, so if so, I'll have another surgery ...

Meanwhile, there was still a new type of pneumonia, and he said that he could only visit for about 1 minute before surgery and maybe 30 seconds after surgery, and that sympathy and attendance were prohibited until he was discharged from the hospital. ..

My mother squeezed her voice and said that her stomach and nose hurts and hurts. I naturally hold my mother's hand, and my mother holds my hand and it's warm.

My mother and I were in tears even though I didn't die in my mother's words. The next day, I was informed that a corona virus had occurred at the IUC in the hospital, and I felt that it was not another person's affairs, and I felt a deeper crisis.

Not only mothers but also those who are hospitalized, those who are fighting illness due to a different disease, families of those who are infected with the new coronavirus and are fighting illness all over the world, and medical professionals ...

I felt everyone's feelings very urgently!

Of course, people with new pneumonia are also prohibited from visiting.

That's why

Don't get infected with the new coronavirus!

You can infect someone without your knowledge!

Obviously, first of all, when I think I'm a corona, I want to take action around me!

I want to sing, dance and prevent the spread of infection!

Life is beautiful
Don't touch your faec!!

During that time, Mr. Tomita, a director of Japan Mama Entrepreneurship University, said, "Why don't you make a corona infection prevention song together? There was a suggestion.

What I can do at such times is to make music and sing! I think it is, so let's do it immediately! have become. It's a collaboration.

While attending my mother's hospitalization and discharge, as written here, I made the iPhone and MAC side by side in the living room while recording the sound!

A cat that was protected last year. The name is tiger. A lovable cat. When I record the song, I cry, so I'm letting you participate as a chorus together lol

I had about 3 patterns of melody, and there was a more fashionable melody line, but I wanted to put "feelings against scary viruses" on the melody! It's ROCK style.

It can be danced or funny, so I would like you to share it and first "remember the knowledge that is commonplace." And I hope the children will stay in their heads and sing and choreograph them!

PS: When I received the lyrics and said, "Don't pick your nose", I secretly recorded the sound, but I was told that the lyrics shouldn't be picked! I'm also a woman, so I was a little embarrassed to sing, but I can't say that.

I have to act like an actress (laughs)


Download Free !!

Let's use this sound source to prevent the spread of virus infection together!

Download is free!

Please use it for videos and remixes!


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