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For those who hold sports and various events

Events, programs, etc.

Original original theme song

Would you like to make one?

An uplifting feeling that springs from the bottom of your heart! !!

Reborn as a full-scale event

Once you hear it, you will never forget it!

I want you to be more active!

I'm feeling energetic!

The venue has become one!

An original cheering song that calls for “impression”

Theme songs and cheering songs are used for such events!

・ Olympic and Paralympic NHK broadcast theme song

・ FIFA World Cup NHK Broadcast Theme Song ・ Rugby World Cup 2019 NHK Broadcast Theme Song

・ National High School Baseball Championship (NHK Koshien)

・ National High School Soccer Tournament ・ Tokyo Marathon
・ Kumamoto Castle Marathon
・ Hokkaido Marathon ・ Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon

..... and more !!


"The 5th Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon" theme song



2019.06.20 Release

Songs have the power to invigorate people!

Why there is a theme song for sporting events ...
For example, Namie Amuro's "Hero". If you listen to it, you can feel the exhilaration of the Rio Olympics and the famous scenes. And Yuzu's "Bridge of Glory". All over Japan was impressed by the gold medal of Ryoko Tani of the Athens Olympics.

In addition, Superfly's "Tamashii Revolution". This song, which was the theme song of the NHK Soccer World Cup, is really exciting!

Soccer World Cup theme song for Olympic theme song ... "Theme song" is indispensable for sporting events. Why do sporting events need theme songs ...

The song there is a power to be in healthy people!

Just listening to the song makes me excited and energized!

Even strangers can create a sense of unity by singing the same song!


Since the experience along with the song is stored,

You can remember the excitement of the event by listening to the song!

It is from the body.

Recently, theme songs have been used in many local marathons such as the Kumamoto Castle Marathon, the Kochi Ryoma Marathon, and the Kasumigaura Marathon, and the event is lively.

And the theme song of the "5th Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon" held in June 2019, "MIRAI". This new song from ART-MAI

Get better!

The venue has become one!

I received a voice.

Why don't you make an original cheering song that will make you "impressed" at your event?

ART-MAI will help you.


Why we adopted the theme song

Before & After


Energize the disaster area!

That thought is on the edge

Ishinomaki City Sports Association


Kazuo Ito

We have adopted a theme song to convey to people all over the country who come to the "Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon" that "Ishinomaki has become so energetic!" It has been eight years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. ART-MAI's passion for the disaster area was conveyed to this committee, and I asked her to do it!

Previously, the torch stand of the former National Stadium was located in Ishinomaki and was a symbol of the city. However, it was returned in March this year. Instead, the "theme song" became our symbol, and we were able to bring energy to everyone. The venue was very lively with the songs. I'm really glad that I adopted the theme song.


A feeling of exhilaration that springs up!

Reborn as a full-scale event

Ishinomaki Senshu University Women's Race Club Director

Vice Chairman of Miyagi Athletic Association

Mr. Toshiharu Izumida

The moment the music came in, "Oh, I was thrilled" ... and the feeling of exhilaration that springs up from the depths of my body. This marathon event had a local impression and was reborn as a full-scale urban event with the theme song.

I myself have seen the event as a director since the first "Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon". With the adoption of the theme song at this year's tournament, I feel that the event has become more exciting and gorgeous.

The event is over, but I'm listening to other songs, mainly "MIRAI". I can understand the lyrics, and I play a CD every day during the practice of marathon runners at the university. I would like to continue to utilize it for events to revitalize the city. I'm going around asking related organizations and people in charge to "appoint me". I always support you!


By all means at the event

I want to let it flow!

Production Chief Japan Mama Entrepreneur University

(One company) President of Japan Women Entrepreneur Support Association

Yoko Kondo

Why did you decide to incorporate the theme song for the event ... I hope ART-MAI will be more active in the future! Because I thought that. Expecting his potential and future success. Anyway, I thought that by providing a lot of places for output, it would be possible to dramatically improve it.

I would love to see it at the "Mama Entrepreneur Presentation mirai" event held in March every year! Every year, companies and governments are also interested in it, so we would be happy if ART-MAI's existence could be known from there.
ART-MAI is supported by many people and is expanding the field of activity. By all means, don't forget your humble feelings ... but be bold! Be sexy! Furthermore, I want you to establish something called "this is my way of life." I will continue to support you forever.

Flow to completion

Together with various processes and the power of many people ...

Of your own event / program

The original theme song is completed!

01 01

Hearing / meeting

We will ask you about the outline of the event / program and your thoughts on it, and confirm your desired image.

02 02

Production of melody and poetry

Based on the content of the meeting, we will expand the image and proceed with songwriting.


Recording studio production

We will actually play the equipment and instruments and record a part of the song.


Sample confirmation / adjustment

Please check the sample and make adjustments to bring it closer to the image.


This production (recording)

Record with various musicians as well as guitarists.

06 06

Completion of the theme song! !!

We will give you the completed song on a CD. Please use it for events and programs! !!

* It takes 2 to 3 months to complete.

ART-MAI's Profile

Songs have the power to invigorate people!

I've loved singing since I was little! By the time he was one year old, he was holding a toy microphone and singing with English lyrics. My dream is to become a singer. It was a dream I wrote for my kindergarten graduation album, but I once had teachers around me say, "Mai should be a singer." Every time I went to junior high school and high school and sang in public, such as on a school trip bus or school festival, my desire to become a singer grew greatly.

Frustration and opposition from the surroundings

Although he auditioned for a big decision when he was in high school, he was rejected. It was a shock. People around me said, "It's not easy to be a singer." I was hurt, discouraged, and frightened, trapping my dream of becoming a singer in my heart, and spending my days asking, "I wonder if my dream will come true ...".

Then I went to college and got a job. Although I gave up on the singer, I was allowed to sing at club events, dance, DJ on the radio, listen to ... As in the past, there was always music in my life. Then married and gave birth. I was happy and forgot that I wanted to become a singer in my life of "I am secondary".

If I die tomorrow

The Great East Japan Earthquake struck on March 11, 2011. Then, the obituaries of familiar people such as junior high school classmates and younger brother's friends arrived as if to catch up. Many people have lost their lives in the disaster and are suffering from harsh conditions ... And now I don't have any friends who were talking with a smile until the other day ... The reality is that "life ends in an instant". Faced with these events, I was almost crazy.

at the same time

"What was I born for?"

"If I die tomorrow, can I not regret it?"

I was trapped in my chest until now

"I want to sing! I want to deliver a message! I want to share the excitement with someone!"

I couldn't stand even if I was overwhelmed with that feeling, so I started again with the aim of becoming a singer.

This time, I was able to liven up the event with everyone in Ishinomaki. I will continue my activities, hoping to help create "someone's smile".



Started singing in public from the age of 2 and has been a singer for over 30 years! Released a mini album "Orion" in 2017, and held a one-man live in Tokyo. The photo taken by himself is used for the CD jacket.

Active as a photographer, singer-songwriter, porcelain transfer paper designer, and poet.



Appeared in Billbord International Forum and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan as Miho Fukuhara Choir.

"Orion" is adopted as the ending theme of Chiba TV "Diamond ☆ Collection".

Kazuya Yoshii's programmer and guitarist Keita The Newest is in charge of CD recording and MIX.

March 2019 Japan Mama Entrepreneurship University (one company) Japan Women Entrepreneurship Support Association

Mama Entrepreneur Presentation mirai2019

@TOKYO Founding Station Theme Song "MIRAI"

June 2019 5th Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marathon Theme Song "MIRAI"

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